In-person Parent Coaching

Parent coaching
is all about you and your concerns. What are you hoping to accomplish? What do you want to change? Parent coaching is the best way to make sure those things actually happen. Once we know what you want to accomplish and what you want to change, the real fun begins.

I am often surprised by how little it takes to make significant progress. But, to keep things honest, sometimes things are not so easy. Sometimes, it takes real effort to change old habits or ways of thinking. Sometimes, the children have no intention of making it easy. Either way, it’s OK. We can do this. I see it all the time. Sometimes, we just have to work a little harder, but that makes success so much sweeter.

In-person sessions (Self-Scheduled)


All self-scheduled in-person coaching sessions are held at my 500 Post Road East, Westport, CT. office.
Take the elevator or stairs to the second floor and turn left into Office Evolution. The receptionist will guide you from there.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5:30pm.

One-hour session - $85.00 SCHEDULE NOW
90 minute session - $120.00

If you would prefer to meet in your home or a public place of your choosing, see the unscheduled in-person sessions.

In-person sessions (unscheduled)


This option gives you the choice of meeting at your home or a public place of your choosing. Choose what works best for you. Some parents want me to see their children in action or talk with them directly.

One-hour session - $85.00 PURCHASE NOW
90 minute session - $120.00

After you sign up, please text me your availability and where you would like to meet.  I will respond within a business day to set up a session. James Shaver 203 417-2860 *Travel costs might apply.

Small group, in-person coaching sessions

Small group coaching

Perhaps the most fun of all! Do you have a parenting friend or two you would like to work with? Small group sessions tend to involve a lot of laughter, encouragement, and steady improvement. They are also a great value.  Have fun helping and supporting each other while reinforcing what you are learning. Four family maximum.

90 minute session - $150.00
120 minute session - $185.00

Please text me to work out arrangements. James Shaver 203 417-2860 *Travel costs might apply.

“The Complete Fundamentals” in-person sessions

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy your own completely customized and comprehensive parenting class through personal coaching. We go through the entire "Loving And Effective Parenting - The Fundamentals" curriculum while directly addressing your parenting concerns and challenges.

The Complete Fundamentals - 4) 90 minute sessions - $450.00 PURCHASE NOW
The Complete Fundamentals - 6) 60 minute sessions - $465.00

You can self-schedule the sessions at my Westport, CT office, or go the unscheduled route. If you prefer to meet at your home, please text me to work out arrangements. James Shaver 203 417-2860 *Travel costs might apply.