Why Loving AND Effective?

without love, we cannot be truly effective.
without being effective, we cannot be truly loving.

The three-step journey of loving AND effective parents

Step one: knowledge.  We need to find out what we need to know.  For example: children need to be loved.  Children need boundaries.

Step two: understanding.  Knowing is not enough.  We must also understand.  Knowing children need love and boundaries will not help us if we do not understand what those two realities actually mean.  

Step three: effective action.  Knowing and understanding is not enough.  We must also be able to act effectively.  Understanding our child's love and relationship needs must become words and actions that actually meet those needs.  Understanding the need for boundaries must become words and actions that successfully set and maintain those boundaries.  

*Without effective action, our parenting will never be complete.  Turning head knowledge into effective action can be a real challenge sometimes. That's OK.  Effective action is a skill that can be learned - just like any other skill.  

My job as a coach and teacher is to help you get through all three steps.