First Blog Post

If you had told me five years ago I would be blogging, I would have said, “No, you are mistaken. That is not going to happen. I know who I am.” If you had told me I would also be on Facebook, I would have had said the exact same thing.

But here I am writing my first blog post that should “push” automatically to my Facebook page if I did the settings correctly. It’s a whole new world for me, and I am trying to be a good sport about it. All I really want to do is help and encourage parents. That is my true passion. If I have to blog and hang out on Facebook to make that happen, so be it. I know, I know, Instagram is next and then . . .

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! And don’t forget to check me out on Facebook.

I know there is more than enough parenting advice flying around the internet already. So I will try to keep things useful and practical. My plan is to share bits and pieces of the parenting book I am writing. There will be excerpts and pieces that will be reworked to better suit the blog format. My goal is to add a blog post every Friday. Every now and then, I might include an inspirational parenting story.

I am looking forward to your feedback and questions. And so the adventure begins.

Just in case you did not already know this about parenting - if you do not have a sense of humor, you are not going to make it.  If you cannot laugh at yourself, you need to find another job.